Thursday, July 15, 2004

Day 2

Hello everyone, or anyone. I wonder if anyone see this stuff. This is Mesh, my first time to log in to this blog. Kub's out cold so I have to write today. It's been a long, long day. We made a lot of ground, mostly thanks to an old truck driver named Tidmen. He picked us up just outside of Memphis, TN. The home of the King, the birth place of Rock. Speaking of Rock, that is were we are now. Little Ark. Nice place.
We got a hotel room, the Super 8, close to I-630. We found better luck at getting rides if we are close to the interstates. Those little highway roads really don't do much for us hikers.
Right across the street is a little bar, called "The Dude Drop Inn". I went in for a few drinks. Kub was just to sleepy tonight. As for myself. I had way to much on my mind. The trip, and mostly my ex-wife. Angela Strickland. Six years, gone, just like that. Anyway, back to my blog. I went to this "Dude Drop Inn" cause I needed sometime alone. I was feeling sorry, for myself. Beating myself up.
There I was, sitting on that old wooden bar stole, in the country bar. When this old man, had to be in his late 70's, came and sat down beside me. He didn't say a thing for about five minutes. Just sat here, drinking his bear, watching me. Then out of the blue he looked over and said "Son, I know what your going through. I know that look."
I really wasn't in the mood to listen or even talk about my troubles. But you can't shoot down a friendly old local like that. I just looked at him and said "You have no idea."
He then laughed at me. Not a cruel laugh but just a laugh from an old soul that has seen it all. He told me that I should get down on my knees and thank god that I at least had someone. That I am lucky cause, even if she is gone, I can still hope that we can work it out. What was the guy talking about. Work it out? She ran off.
Maybe I shouldn't have been rude, maybe it was just the beer. I turned to him and told him that he had no idea what I was going through. Again he laughed at me a little. I will never forget what he said to be after that. He looked me at in the eyes. I noticed for the first time, those eyes were sad. "You don't know about lonely" he said. Then went on, "You don't know pain until you've heard all the stories that I have lived." Great I thought. I get to list to him bitch about 70 years of love and lost. But I was wrong. He took a drink, then turned to face me again. "You don't know what sad is" he started to tell me, "You don't know about lonely." I started to feel that his old man, this stranger was sitting her talking to me for a reason. Like he was sent to me. He stood up, looked right at me. I will never forget what he said after that. He took the last drink of his beer and then finished. "You don't know how long nights can be, until it's Chiseled in stone." He then turned, give me a little pat on the back and slowly just walked away.
I sat at the bar for other hour. Those golden words of wisdom from the heart of that old man sinking deep in to my head. I guess he is right. At least I do have somewhat of a change to fix things. Unlike him, his love is lost forever. The name of his true love is now, forever chiseled in stone.
Sorry for the downer tonight. I was just so taken with this old man, I needed to share it.
Until tomorrow.
"They say home is were the heart is, but my heart is never home"

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Day 1

Day 1
It's now almost 11pm, we headed out on foot down Highway 74 toward I-85 at about 6am. Around 2pm Mesh was able to pick up a Radio station out of Atlanta. Thank the lord of those big hills. We learned that Zach himself was in Atlanta showing Garden State the night before. It would have been a much easier trip to Atlanta. But not as fun.

After a lot of miles on foot and few miles in a few different cars here we are. Where is here? Right now I am sitting at a Waffle House in Murfreesboro, TN. Right out side of Nashville. Not as far as I hoped we would be but not a bad place to land. At least we got out of NC.
The windows in this place is really starting to water, like the pages on the Garden State website.
Mesh is sitting across from me. Very full from his Bert's Sausage Melt Plate. Who the hell is Bert anyway? Anyway, Mesh got us a place to stay for free tonight. A tucker drive named Yetter has a nice cab he isn't using. Seem Yetter comes to this part of town every 3 months. When he does he parks his rig behind the Waffle House's lot and he and Betty the waitress heads to her place. What they do there, is anyone's guess.

Right next to me is a huge window, outside car's are flying up I-24. I wonder who is inside some of these cars. What their story is, where they are headed at this time of night. Are the happy? Sad? Coming back home or running away.

17.89, that's the cost for two of us to eat at this place. A little high if you ask me for the food we got. Then again it is better than paying $4.50 for two drink's, and O'Henry and Mars like we had for lunch. It's been a fun day. Shocking at how nice everyone we have meet has been. My feet hopes that we find a lot of nicer people tomorrow. Walking kills you man, no doubt about that. Who ever said walk is good for you, didn't walk 109miles in 90 degrees.

We may get a little behind on time cause Mesh wants to look up his old high school flame. She lives somewhere in Tulsa. Normally I would tell him to forget her but he's at a cross road in his life. A fork in the road you could say. He's been married for the last six years, he was married that is, until May 25th. His wife, ex-wife, took off. He had nothing in his house when he got home from work. Nothing but a bag of dry peanuts, three cans of Coke, and the cruelest Dear John letter you have ever read. She called him every name in the book. Shallow I believe is one of the words she used.

This trip is what he needs. He doesn't see that right now but he will. We both need it. This is just day 1 of a long journey. This is just the beginning......


Hello all. My name is Broide Kubusheskie but everyone calls me Kub. I hate it also but you know how nick names go. You don't pick them, they pick you. So what is this place? This is my adventure to see Garden State. No not New Jersey, I am talking about the new movie by actor, write and director Zach Braff. You may know him as JD on NBC's Scrubs. The following blogs will be an adventure as I travel, along with my some what trusty sidekick Mesh. He's great friend, at times.

This will be a 14 day journey from Kings Mountain , North Carolina to the hills of LA. If all goes right we get to LA on July 28th. Right in time to see Garden State. We do not have a car or money to fly so we, as my dad use to say, thumbing it. What lays ahead? Who knows?